boutique Makers of chocolat on Ile d'Orléans since 1988, we use only quality raw materials imported from Belgium. Our supplier is the Barry Callebault Group. Products are all handcraft by our learn, which ranges in size from six to as many as eighteen people in seasons of high production, such as Easter.

The variety of our products covers almost all facets of the chocolate industry, when it's a matter of real chocolat that complies with Canadian and International standards.

Our policy is quality : "No chemical preservatives are or will ever be used in our products. No compromise will be made in the quality of our chocolate. All the required percentages of cacao are respected. Never will we offer "composite" chocolate (for example, chocolate-flavoured confections). We refuse to produce substandard grade chocolate, for we believe that quality is essential out of respect for our clients whose passion is real chocolate".

In 1990 we began making ice cream and sherbet in the European tradition, using 35% cream, milk and purée of natural fruit. We now offer 24 flavours of ice cream during the summer season.